Putter Sensei Putting Studio

Find out the essential elements needed to improve putting skill and correct each element.

It’s essential to start with checking aim. A laser is used to check the accuracy of your aim with your putter. At 6 feet away, 80% of golfers are more than 10 inches off line.

Body posture and eye position improves aim and the path of the putting stroke. Golfers see and operate differently so each person needs to be tested.

Video is a good means to see posture and it’s relationship to the putting stroke and the roll of the ball. Slow-motion and stop action reveals how the body is moving through impact.

The most common fault in putting is tension and tempo. Golfers are unaware of shoulder and grip tension and how fast they might be moving until they see it on video.

Understanding release is directly related to speed and distance control. Drills and proprietary aids quickly translate concept into function.

Reading greens can be an arduous skill to learn. The simulator actually shows the ball rolling and the relationship of terrain to roll helps visualize reading the break.

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