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Scoring ability is learned by encountering different situations.

Using the simulator as a preliminary step to actual on-course lessons is an efficient way to make changes without too many outside influences. We can improve one problem area at a time.

The average golfer is not aligned properly on 35% of fairway shots. That could mean one out of three shots will be missed considerably off-line. The simulator can teach you proper alignment by changing the angle of your view.

Poor club selection and incorrect recognition of distance accounts for 40% of dispersed fairway and approach shots that miss the green. The distance is posted on the simulator screen so you can learn how much effort equates to how much distance.

For most golfers, improper shot selection accounts for 30% of missed shots near the green. Different situations in terrain and distance determine shot selection. The simulator can assume constant ground and wind conditions so the spin of the ball can be studied.

An inconsistent pre-shot routine on the golf course accounts for as much as 70% of poor shots. We can choose challenging situations and work on keeping a consistent routine.

Developing the best tempo, timing and rhythm can improve your score by as much as 20 strokes. Narrow landing areas, hazards and deep rough are good tests. Difficult situations can be studied and overcome.

If your shots are better on the driving range than the golf course, it could be that challenging situations are influencing your performance and they can be recoqnized using the simulator.

Play Pebble Beach, Harbor Town or St. Andrews and at the same time, learn to lower your scores. Please email or call (425) 512-9007.

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