Chris Aoki is a member of the PGA and teaches students of all ages and skill levels. Kirk Smith is a Certified Personal Trainer, Professional Henry-Griffitts fitter and Fit2Aim Professional.


Golf lessons with direct video feedback and simultaneous launch monitor 3-Trac data makes learning easier to follow and an advantage over outdoor driving range lessons.

Our exclusive MPG Program (Muscle Performance for Golf) is motion training directly asimmilated into your golf swing.

Slow-motion video and launch monitor data make it easy to follow swing changes. Group sessions become more informative and interactive.

Playing lessons help to lower scores. With the use of the simulator, difficult situations can be isolated and overcome.

The Putter Sensei Putting Studio is a floor area with putting turf at a stimpmeter reading of 11.5. Proprietary teaching aids and video are used to improve your stroke.

Club fitting is essential and we want the best. Henry-Griffitts Ltd., is known for its quality and customer service. Fit2Aim putter fitting is the most extensive and result-driven system available.

Our programs cover a golf curriculum in which teaching, club fitting, putter fitting, fitness and on-course play are congruous in teaching philosophy and application.

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If you would like more information or make an appointment for any of our programs, please email Chris or Kirk at or call (425) 512-9007.

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