Club Fitting and Putter Fitting

For improved performance, good fitting systems are essential to good teaching.

Henry-Griffitts and Fit2Aim have result-driven technology that spans the entire range of measurable differences in golfers of all skill levels. We use the data from the simulator 3-Trac system to determine the fit of your golf clubs.

Extensive club design options include differences in shaft length, lie angle, head design and shaft innovation to accomodate all golfers and dramatically improve performance shown by the data on the simulator.

The H-G and Fit2Aim fitting systems are consistent in measurement to the manufacturing process so your set of golf clubs accurately match the clubs you used while being fitted. When one variable is changed in the fitting process, lie angle for example, the data will show a change in ball spin.

A set of H-G golf clubs and Fit2Aim putter must coordinate with changes needed in the golf swing and putting stroke to alleviate restriction and enhance maximum performance. As golf teachers who fit golf clubs, we match the correct motion of your golf swing to your equipment to achieve more consistent ball flight.

Your entire set of golf clubs including the putter should match the basic path of your golf swing and putting stroke to alleviate inconsistency.

Your golf clubs should have a consistent distance discrepancy without large gaps between clubs. We are able to determine set-makeup by your ability to hit short irons, long irons or rescue irons or woods, fairway woods and driver using the data from the simulator.

It’s also possible to change the feel and performance of your golf clubs without changing clubs. Balance-Certified Stabilizers may be the solution. The lightweight rods with adjustable positioning of weights can be tested using the simulator. The change in feel may improve your distance and swing performance.

To understand why your golf clubs should be fitted to your golf swing by your golf teacher, please make an appointment for a fitting session using the simulator by emailing or by calling (425) 512-9007.

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